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Breda is a leading company in the extrusion field of non-ferrous metals.  For well over 50 years they have been designing and manufacturing extrusion presses.

Their presses range from 10MN (1100 UST) to 100MN (11000 UST) presses for direct and indirect extrusion, with or without piercer, for round and rectangular billets.


  • Forged steel main cylinder, platen, die platen and moving crosshead.
  • Prestressed tie rods by means of casings.
  • Container divided in four parts and individually controlled zones.
  • Rotostation or Unistation die changing device.
  • Four cylinders for container shifting.
  • ISO 9000 certified.
  • CE certified.

breda 27mn press.png



  • Short dead cycle time.
  • NBE patented system, eliminating Burp cycle.
  • Antifrictional shear device.
  • Automatic butt ejection device (Butt Knocker)
  • Quick stem replacement.
  • Shearing between die ring and bolster.
  • Fast container change device.
  • Electronic control for variable maximum force.

Product Quality Improvements 

  • Shear blade cooling and lubrication.
  • Die pack locking device.
  • Closed loop ram speed control.
  • Container cooling system.
  • Die slide preheating.


  • Tank draining pump for maintenance.
  • Linear measurement system for container shifting.
  • Centralized lubrication on the main moving parts.
  • Oil hydraulic cartridge valve technology.
  • Butt detecting discharge device.
  • Graphic display diagnostic system.
  • Service online.
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