Belts and Roller Sleeves

As part of our aluminium extrusion consumables range we supply belts and sleeves for all areas of your aluminium extrusion handling; runout, transfer, cooling, walking beams, stretcher feed & batching. Our products use high-performance fibres offering superior heat resistance where you need it.

  • High Temperature Conveyor Belts
  • High Temperature Roller Sleeves
  • Endless & Jointed Belts
  • Spacer Pads
  • Spacer Bar Covers
  • Quench Tank Roller Sleeves
  • Saw Table
  • Aging Oven Slats & Sleeves
  • Heat Shrink Sleeves

Conveyor belts and roller sleeves used in aluminium extrusion.

Why choose Thermotex Conveyor Belts & Roller Sleeves?

Ichikawa is a leader in the world of felt belts and roller covers, having a range of products for the aluminium extrusion industry, the paper industry, and more.

Ichikawa’s Thermotex felt is made of a series of high performance and heat resistant fibres while maintaining elasticity to reduce the marking or scratching of aluminium casts and extrusions.

Thermotex conveyor belt and roller sleeve usage chart.

Seamless Heat Shrink Sleeves

Precise and uniform high-shrink seamless woven tubulars/sleeves ensure constant shrinkage of the sleeves in the circumferential direction and a homogeneous frictional connection.

  • High Load Bearing Capacity
  • High Burst Strength
  • Uniform Shrinkage Behaviour
  • Uniform Material Thickness (also on curvatures and edges)
  • Uniform Flow Rate
  • No Undesirable Breakage Points (due to seam or weld contours in longitudinal direction)
  • Long Service Life and Low Wear

Accurate, consistent, and long-lasting performance is required of technical fabrics. Weak spots frequently appear at seams. Our high-tech threaded tubular narrow fabrics have no seams.