Aluminium Extrusion Consumables

To support our aluminium extrusion equipment and to help you get the most out of your aluminium extrusion process, use our premium consumables. Our consumables are critical to the efficient operation of your business since they ensure top-notch results every time. If you’re looking for high-quality extrusion products, go no further than AIMS.

Motion industry products such as motors, linear guides, gearboxes, and bearings are available through our sister company Motion Werkz.

High Temperature
Endless & Jointed

High Temperature Runout
Quench Tank
Heat Shrink

Spacer Sleeves & Pads

Durable and Long Lasting
Skips, Baskets, Aging Oven

Saw Blades

Carbide Tipped
Designed Specifically for Aluminium
Sections, Thin or Thick Profiles

Graphite / Carbon

Carbon Blocks
Graphite Powder
Graphite Lubrication Sticks

Dummy Block and Billet Release
Butt and Log Shear Lubrication
Hot & Cold Saw Lubrication

Various Abrasive Grain Sizing
Different  Viscosities
Tailored to Individual Applications

Protective Clothing

Durable and Reversible Aramid Felt Gloves
Kevlar Covermitts
Extra long Kevlar Wide Cuff Gauntlet Goves

Electrical Motion Products


Mechanical Transmission

Screw Jacks – Ball Screws
Bearings – Gearboxes
Couplings – Slew Rings