Die Ovens

Not all aluminium extrusion die ovens are created equal.

If you are after the most advanced control systems in the industry, with improved high efficiency, then you need Thermika infra-red die ovens. We are pleased to offer these ovens as part of our aluminium extrusion equipment range.

Infra-red die ovens are designed to save energy, decrease operating costs by up to 50%, and reduce die breakage by up to 90%.

Thermika manufactures state-of-the-art die ovens for the aluminium extrusion industry. This system will save you money and energy, as well as improve your production efficiency.

While you are here can we interest you in our AFM machines and abrasive media for extrusion die cleaning?

Why Choose a Thermika Die Oven?

All of Thermika’s die ovens are constructed with high-quality material to ensure a long life span.

  • Ovens Made to Order
  • No Fabrication Limitations
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Fast Delivery

Types of Infra-Red Die Ovens

Top Loading Die Ovens

Top loading infra-red ovens are our best selling oven design.

The latest model is engineered with improved features that make it the most efficient and user friendly oven to date.

A row of Thermika infra-red die ovens.

Front Loading Die Ovens

Front loading ovens are designed with a sliding door that makes loading and unloading the die more convenient.

This design reduces the chance of damaging the oven during the load and removal process.

A row of Thermika infra-red front loading die ovens in an aluminium extrusion plant.