Lubrication Systems

Lubrication is a vital step in the aluminium extrusion process. Needed for faultless billet release and keeping those saws moving.

We represent the global leader in metalworking fluid systems, Amcol Corporation. Their systems are used in the manufacturing and fabrication of metal profiles such as aluminium extrusions. All of Amcol’s lubricants are available as part of our aluminium extrusion consumables range.

Why choose an Amcol Lubrication System?

Amcol Corporation has over 70 years of experience in the lubrication industry and has an unwavering commitment to quality, credibility, and dependability.

  • Wide range of process lubrication systems
  • Reduce chemical consumption and exposure
  • Performance driven products
  • No smoke fluids for hot billet sawing
  • Non-staining lubricants
Amcol lubrication systems.
  • Automatic Lubrication for Billet Extrusion
  • Manual Lubrication for Billet Extrusion
  • Precision Lubrication for Saws and Fabrication
  • Conventional Lubrication for Machine and Fabrication
  • And much much more…….

Billet Lubrication

A rugged, low-maintenance spray system lightly applies water-based lubricant. Featuring four spray nozzles that rotate in a circular pattern to repeatably apply coating to every billet.

The lubricant, 46 ILX EJECTEZE, is applied so it leaves a thin organic coating to keep hot aluminum from adhering to the dummy block.

The system is maintenance friendly and cost efficient.

Amcol billet spraying system.


Automatic shear lubrication is repeatable and reliable.

An automatic system will l improve plant safety by eliminating the need for employees to reach inside of press guarding to apply lubricant or release a stuck butt.

Increase production by maximizing uptime by eliminating stuck butts and reducing time spent lubricating.

Did we mention it is a “plug and play” system?



  • Electronically Timed Injection Metering– PLC Controlled
  • Fixed Stroke Injector – Consistent Liquid Volume
  • Fixed Pressure – Non-adjustable Regulator
  • B Manifolds for Saws – Surround the Blade
  • Wet Spray Tips – Penetrate to the Cutting Edge
Amcol saw lubrication system with a bottle of Canmist lubricant.


  • S ystem settings are exact and repeatable.
  • M aximum tool life. M inimum lube usage.
  • A djustments made easy.
  • R educe smoke, mist, and overspray.
  • T otal control of pump frequency.